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my boyfriend is watching the new One Direction music video and now and then I hear things like ‘woah who is this old dude’ ‘wtf happened’ ‘why do they look like old dudes seriously’ ‘WHO DRESSED THEM’ and now he is trying to figure out how the special effects works

josh cuthbert is so fucking gorgeous

Anonymous: "Have you written that Shellett fic that you were going to write over Easter? 💕"

No sorry :( I got stuck.

What are your most prized possessions?

Anonymous: "You made me into a massive shellett shipper about six months ago and I still check your blog everyday to see your new posts. I'm such a stalker. ;)"

Omg this makes me so happy x THANK YOU x

[whispers to myself] you are a strong, independent fangirl and you don’t need a follow