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fortheloveofgeorgeshelley: "You might as well change your URL to Josh-Cuthbert-is-my-oxygen. Jeez Li, calm it a bit XD"



@TimGoodwin2491: Happy birthday to this beautiful chap! @JoshUJWorld much love bro xxx 💙

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful prince by the name of Josh Cuthbert, who was perfect in every single way. He had the voice of an angel, the most perfect face and his heart was the biggest of all. He was kind, sweet, caring and lovely and whenever he smiled everyone, and everything, elt instantly happy again. Because that was his power He could turn the darkest days into beautiful summer days, and all the problems just seemed to be gone. Joshua, I love you so much. You are without doubt one of the best people I know of, I am thankful every day that I’ve had the chance to meet you, hug you, make you laugh and seen live 3 times so that I can hear your beautiful voice. I’m so happy you followed me, it might not be much for you but it meant a lot to me. Now it’s your birthday, you are 22 years old now and I hope that you really really enjoy this day, that you have the best birthday and that you do all the things you want to do. Have breakfast at midnight, dress up like hipsters, most importantly FEEL LIKE 22. I love you xoxo


His tweets will never fail to make me smile..

ugh I just love Union J so much someone kill me

When the vision you have gets blurry you don’t have to worry, I’ll be your eyes. It’s the least I can do, cause when I fell, you pulled me through, so you know that I’ll carry you

Strong, talented, amazing, perfect, beautiful, kind, lovely, sweet, gorgeous, funny, caring, fantastic. The world is blessed to have an angel like you. Every day you get better, every day you make us smile and every day I promise you that we are so, so thankful to have you in our life. Thank you for the lovely guitar playing, thank you for the cute twitcams, thank you for the extremely funny snapchats, thank you for being you. I wish you all the happiness in the world and a happy birthday x


Happy 21st Birthday George!!! I first seen you on my tv as an 18 year old auditioning, not knowing how far you would get or how much of an impact you would have on my life for the next two years. I made this blog hoping that you might get through, little did i know almost two years later you’re on your second album with another single coming out. Thank you for always keeping all of us on tumblr happy, i’ve made so many great friends which i wouldn’t have been able to if you had never of auditioned. So thanks George, i hope you guys finally get no.1 this year and that you have a great birthday…😊❤️ 


My blog is slowly turning into 100 % Josh Cuthbert how did this happen and why I’ll tell you why Josh stupid fucking Cuthbert happened THAT’S WHY