Much, much better (Shellett)

Summary: George and JJ are watching horror movies and JJ is not at all that pleased. But then something happens that is much, much better.

A/N: Prompt from Anon, I hope you’ll like it! Please send me feedback and if you have a prompt you want me to write my inbox is always open! xx

Warnings: None.

Much, much better

JJ hid his face in his hands, and then realized he could still see through his fingers and used a pillow instead. He and George were at a hotel room, spending their free time watching movies while Josh and Jaymi were out doing other things. George had talked JJ into watching a really, really scary movie and now JJ really regretted it. He was about to pee himself he was so scared.

“Jay, you’re missing the whole movie!” George complained and threw another pillow at JJ. “It’s not that bad.”

“it is!” JJ whined and continued hiding behind the pillow. “I won’t be able to sleep tonight and it’s all your fault. If I screw up during sound check tomorrow, I’ll blame you.”

George grinned and tried to get the pillow from JJ, but JJ held it tight in his grip.

“Nooo!” JJ screamed and fought with George for the pillow. George laughed and jumped on JJ, starting to tickle him.

“You promised you’d watch the movie.”

“I…” JJ tried to talk through the laugh attacks that were caused by the tickling. “I didn’t know it would be such a scary movie, stop it Georgie, really!”

“Fine, we won’t watch the movie.” George pouted and got off JJ as he turned the tv off. “Then what do you really expect us to do? We’ve got a whole night off, I don’t wanna spend it doing nothing…”

JJ looked up over the pillow to see that it was clear to come out of hiding, and then put the pillow down. He laughed as he saw George pouting.

“You’re such a baby.”

“Says the 24 years old who can’t even watch a little horror movie.”

“It was scary!” JJ defended himself and George laughed, his brown curls danced on his head.

“You’re so lame.”

“You are.”

“You’re lamer.”

“You’re the lamest.”

George laughed and then suddenly realizing how he unintentionally (or was it really?) had moved closer and closer to JJ. He looked down, suddenly a bit shy because really they were a bit too close right now but JJ smiled, and let one of his fingers touch one of George’s curls. JJ’s eyes sparkled as he watched George and George thought that well, maybe it wasn’t just him that had moved closer, maybe JJ was a bit guilty too.

“Well, I’d rather be lame than a chicken.” George whispered and JJ grinned. Their faces moved closer to each other by every sentence, inch by inch.

“You’re calling me a chicken?”

“Yes. Chicken JJ. We should give you a chicken onesie.”

JJ could feel  George’s breath right now and see every little piece of George’s face, like every little tiny, tiny freckle that George tried to hide but that was there. They were so close and JJ didn’t know what he should do. George seemed to decide for him, because before JJ could do or say anything George softly pressed his lips against JJ’s.  JJ had never kissed a boy before and he had never, ever kissed his best friend before and wasn’t really sure what to do but as he closed his eyes his body and George’s seemed to decide for them what to do. Their lips softly nibbled on each other, like trying to get a taste and JJ felt a shiver down his spine as George’s tongue softly moved over JJ’s bottom lip. JJ could tell it was asking for entrance and he obliged, parting his lips so that George’s tongue could find its way inside. Their tongues played together in JJ’s mouth for a while and after a while George gasped for air, and they broke off the kiss. For a moment they just stared at each other and JJ didn’t know what he should say. George was flushing red and JJ could tell he was probably red too, because his face felt hot.

“I…” George started. “God, I’m sorry JJ, I don’t know what…”

“It’s okay.” JJ said quickly, trying to sound casual, like snogging his friends was something he did every day.  “It was…”

“I just got this feeling that I had to do that.” George tried to explain and JJ wanted to laugh because George really looked awkward.

“Hey, it’s okay.” JJ said and put one hand on George’s shoulder, looking at him with calm eyes. “I… I guess I wanted to do it too.”

“I didn’t know I had feelings like that.” George mumbled and moved a bit closer to JJ again.

“Well I am extremely handsome so it’s no surprise.”

“Hey, I’m better looking.”

“As if!”

“Am too!”

“I’m gonna have to kiss you again.”


And as JJ’s lips met George’s again, JJ smiled on the inside thinking that this, even though he had no idea that this would happen, was way better than watching that awful horror movie. So much better.

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